Our logistics centers allow us to provide multiple services, including:


management and order preparation.


center, bonded and non-bonded to manage imports and final delivery to our customer.

Tailor made services: quantity and quality controls.

Packing and labelling services.

Pick & pack

Document Flow Management

Documentation management is becoming more ad more important in logistics.
ERIXMAR is able to handle customs documentation both export and import.
Customers are supported in the analysis, preparation and presentation of the documentation to negotiating letters of credit.


ERIXMAR offers the same support to its customers also in contract management with particular attention to logistical and shipping issues:

• Incoterms
• yield times
• appropriate documentary
equipment according to the
different destination.

Consolidation of Materials and Packaging


is able to manage your goods from the purchase order placement.
We provide support in optimizing the delivery dates, the collection / arrival of the materials, the implementation of the best packaging solutions to preserve th

integrity of the goods.

Design, production and supply of packaging.

Daily exchange of goods flows.

Consolidation in ERIXMAR warehouses.

Load factor optimization and costs analysis.

Pickup of products from suppliers and delivery to customers